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        March , 2014 . Rainbow 1 and 2 were officially released with top level sound quality.
        September , 2013 new GSM and analog telephone card was launched.
        Oct 2013 , ATCOM released version 3.0 for the PBX which add FAX to Email in the SOHO IP PBX.
        December 2013 , ATCOM launched half-length telephony card with FXO and BRI ports.
        2012 , based on Lantiq dual core CPU , ATCOM introduce the first IP phone for call center agents. The call center IP phone with voice quality specially proceed for call center agents are highly recommended in CTI industry.
        In December , ATCOM applied well known lantiq CPU in all models of IP phone which has a good reputation in VoIP industry.
        ATCOM release new generation telephony card with hardware echo canceller which stands for a top level in R&D and manufacturing of digital ports telephony card.
        ATCOM start to focus on integration of mobile network and integrate GSM modules into IP PBX and telephony cards products with model of IP4G ,IP2G4A , AX4G and AX2G4A
        ATCOM collaborated with Shuttleworth Foundation ( a famous charity organization) to develop the first MESH potato technology based WIFI ATA in the world to enhance the communication levels for those under developed countries and regions where the telecommunication infrastructure are not well developed.
        With the release of AT640 , ATCOM complete the development of AT6 series .
        ATCOM use Broadcom solution in AT6 series IP phones and introduce 2 models - AT610 AT620 into the market .
        ATCOM started to develop the Asterisk Embedded IP PBX system which is a perfect and most cost effective solution for SMB market and successfully launched 1 to 8 ports models IP PBX.
        ATCOM began to develop the new series of IP phones with high performance Infineon solution and introduce the successful IP phone and ATA to the global market with model of AT530 and AG188.
        ATCOM providednational carriers in other countries such as Thailand Telecom, Slovenia Telecom, CANTVwith IP phone and ATA.
        ATCOM was listed as a leading Chinese mainland manufacturer by Global Sources.
        ATCOM provided OEM/ODM service for well-known brands such as HUAWEI 3com, HARBOUR NETWORKS, D-link, TOPCOM, FUTIRO, and PACKET8.
        ATCOM successfully bided for the Uni-Video Project from China Unicom as the only Chinese company.
        ATCOM commenced development VoIP phones and launched its first model AT320.
        ATCOM introduced the first ISDN and ISDN NT+ card with PCI interface in domestic market which were widely adopted by several telecommunications carriers in China.
        ATCOM collaborated with FUJITSU, NEC, and FIC in OEM/ODM program.
        ATCOM Technology was established in Shenzhen , started R&D and manufacture of Internet communication hardware.